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Aluminium System Window

What is an Aluminium System Window?

An entire range of Aluminium System Windows i.e. Sliding, Openable, Tilt & Turn, and Sliding Folding with depth of the profiles running from 22mm to 75mm to suit different conditions of opening sizes, wind load, smooth operability and of course affordability.

Each system window with its unique properties shuts out disturbances like water, mosquito, noise, dust thereby aesthetically ensuring good view to the outside, good functionally and safety; filling your home and office with complete comfort!

Details are the key for perfection

We mix all detailed things together


Looking to buy an Aluminium System Window?
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  • Combination Window

  • 25MM Sliding Series

  • 27 Sliding Series

  • 35MM Sliding Series

  • 40MM Openable Series

  • 50MM Sliding Series

  • 52EG Openable Series

  • Sliding Folding

  • Tilt & Turn

  • Thermal Break


uPVC Window

What is an uPVC window?

uPVC system windows are made from unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, a durable and weather-resistant material. They offer excellent thermal insulation, reducing heat transfer and contributing to energy efficiency. With minimal maintenance requirements, uPVC windows are easy to clean and do not need painting or sealing.
They also provide good noise insulation, enhancing comfort in noisy environments. Equipped with multi-point locking systems, they offer enhanced security. uPVC windows come in various styles, finishes, and colors, allowing for design flexibility. They are environmentally friendly and recyclable, making them a sustainable choice. uPVC system windows combine durability, energy efficiency, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal for modern buildings.

Wind resistance

Minimum maintenance

Water resistance

Enviroment friendly

Sound Resistance

Fire resistance

Thermal insulation


Energy efficient

UV stable

Greatly customized

Impact resistance


Our entire structure is divided into a 4 step process cycle helping a window professional to discover facts in a systematic manner which is classified as under:

Sound Resistance
Water Resistance
Bug Free
Dust Free
Rattle Free & Smooth Operation

About us

Owner of Khidkee

A big thing starts at small. It was the year 2007, we took our first step in launching V Glass Touch. In these glorious 12 years, we created a benchmark and have won the trust and support of millions of customers with a constant effort towards perfection and innovation creating gratification among our precious customers.

Something new is on its way. We have moved a step ahead to introduce to you all KHIDKEE. It is the best service in Aluminium system window, in collaboration with world-class Geeta Aluminium Company Pvt Ltd, Mumbai serving the masses since the last 55 years.

Today we provide a vast variety of products and services in the construction and building material business. In addition to being a one stop brand for all Architectural Aluminium Profiles, we also provide a complete range of compatible hardware to match & support these products. Geeta Support System is an after sales service that has seen great success with our clientele.

We are committed to provide trendsetting services and leave an everlasting imprint in the world of aluminium services!

In our quest to remain an outstanding brand, we are constantly innovating and upgrading with the latest international technology standards.

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